About Us

About Us

About Us

At MasterMind Neurofeedback we believe we can improve the world one brain at a time. We want to ensure that everyone has the tools to take on life’s physical and psychologic challenges with ease.

Being practitioners of Neurofeedback, we have already changed the small universe of friends, families and clients around us.  Our goal is to bring awareness to this non-invasive treatment and make it accessible and affordable to everyone.

Our Founder, Nancy Fitzpatrick

After witnessing first-hand the amazing changes in my own family members from Neurofeedback, I knew I wanted to pursue this as my next career. I have always been interested in alternative medicine and holistic approaches, so becoming a trainer seemed like a natural progression.

I’m an Advanced Certified NeurOptimal® trainer. Since 2013, I’ve had the privilege of successfully helping both adults and children with a wide variety of issues as well as working with both collegiate and professional athletes on improving their game.

Prior to becoming a trainer, I worked at the National Basketball Association in New York for ten years and after that ran my own consulting company “Design that Fitz” for 14 years.

MasterMind Neurofeedback, LLC