Success Stories

Success Stories

Success Stories

MasterMind Neurofeedback focuses on changing the world one brain at a time. The first change started in our home and, since that time, we’ve been fortunate enough to help so many people. We want to thank our clients for taking the time to share their stories!

My daughter is autistic and has shown a tremendous amount of progress since beginning Neurofeedback sessions. She’s requiring less prompting for everyday tasks and has been completely potty-trained after six weeks of sessions. She even tells us when she needs to use the restroom or takes it upon herself. Conversation skills have improved so much. She’s making friends and not becoming so aggressive when she’s not sure what to say. She simply says, “I’m not sure what to do.” Before she would push or shove. She’s calming herself down and taking quiet moments to readjust. Each day that she has a session, she is extremely talkative and very laid back, more cooperative and willing to listen.  

A severe concussion from football forced our son to skip a semester of college as he was unable to focus and suffered from extremely painful and debilitating headaches. He was becoming increasingly depressed and withdrawn. After trips to several different doctors with no positive results, we decided to try Neurofeedback. After intense training with Nancy, our son was back in school, able to focus on his studies and no longer suffering from painful headaches. We can’t thank you enough for giving us our son back!

After the death of my mother, I became severely depressed and could not get myself together. My work and family were suffering greatly, but even that couldn’t get me out of my slump. Finally after a year and a half of misery and one medication after another, a friend recommended I try Neurofeedback with Nancy. After about a month of training, I felt the haze lift and I started to wean off my meds. A couple of months later, I actually felt normal. Everything improved. My work, my relationships with my husband and children, as well as my overall outlook on life. Neurofeedback was truly a blessing.

I went on a cruise and when I got off, my world changed. I could not stop feeling like I was still on the ship, constantly rocking. Months passed with various diagnoses and attempts to correct the problem with drugs and treatments. After seeing an ENT, I was told that it is in my brain. Not that I was making it up, but that my brain could not communicate to my body that it was on dry land. They called it Mal de Debarquement (MDDS) or Disembarkment syndrome. They said that there was nothing for me to do but wait until it was gone. They gave me a prescription for valium in order to help with the symptoms, and warned me this could last for years. My son was already receiving Neurofeedback for ADD, so I asked if she thought it could help me. After my first training, I felt immediately better but had to go home to go to sleep. The very next day, I went again and experienced the same results. The day after that I woke up and have never rocked since. I was so relieved to be back to normal.

My son had a rough couple of months due to stress, school pressures and chronic illness. This was causing him to become very agitated and he started to exhibit signs of OCD. At first it was minor things, but progressed very quickly into severe OCD. He was increasingly worried about germs; spreading them, bringing them home, touching objects or other people outside of our house. He was constantly washing and sanitizing his hands to the point where they were dry and raw. This was affecting his life on every level; school, sports, home, personal relationships. It got to the point where I had to home school him because a panic attack would ensue if someone were to touch his book or backpack. I brought him to a couple of doctors looking for help. We tried drugs and psychotherapy with no relief. Being desperate, we decided to look for alternative ways to alleviate his issues. Fortunately a neighbor suggested Neurofeedback. We set up an intense training schedule to start and the results were awesome. We continued with weekly sessions for several months after. We were so relieved to see his anxiety and stress disappear. While he still struggles with mild OCD, he now recognizes when he’s slipping and lets me know that he needs to go back and see Ms. Nancy for a booster session. Thanks to Neurofeedback, he’s back in school and participating in sports again.


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